Kiurunmäki Farm & Kotatuli
Kiurunmäki Farm is home to Katja, Joni and the animals on the shores of Lake Marrasjärvi in Rovaniemi, Finland. There is also a Kotatuli office in Kiurunmäki, as well as client facilities for animal and nature-based work. In the yard of the farm there is a hut, a lakeside sauna, a stable and a small riding arena, which provide a beautiful environment for hobbies, learning and exploring your own life. The surrounding ridges, forests and marshlands provide a great setting for walking and hiking all year round.

Family does not always have to be related or even the same species. At Kotatuli, we share common values and a vision of the good life. We're family, colleagues and friends - a whole bunch of us. Welcome to continue the Kotatuli story with us.

"When you see the good in others, you find the best in yourself."

First and foremost, I think of myself as a mother, grandmother, wife, and a lover of horses. The best thing I know is to wander in the woods with the people, dogs and horses I love. Professionally, I've walked alongside, guided and supported people of all ages and at different stages of life throughout my career. For the longest time, I have worked in the field of child protection in our family business, as a foster mother, entrepreneur, supervisor and therapist. I also actively supervise, train and lecture. My areas of expertise include interaction development, experiential cognitive coaching including animal and nature-based methods, social neuroscience of everyday life and attachment relationship work. As an employee, I am warm, direct and supportive.

Nurse 1999, Family Psychotherapist 2013, Easel Trainer and Job Coach 2014, Systemic Child Protection Trainer 2020, Short Therapist 2022

"I'm not trying to work up a sweat, just to get the sled moving."

My responsibility is to look after the maintenance of the property and that the farm runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis. I enjoy outdoor activities, heating the sauna and snowmobiling, but I am also a reliable and calm partner in changing situations. I have a long experience in the field of child protection, institutional work and as a foster family father, as well as in residential services for people with mental health problems and disabilities.

Family nurse 2010 (mental health and substance abuse), IT training

"All dreams come from the same source."

I like to be in the kitchen, and I am responsible for Kotatuli's food service and its planning. I also support children and young people in their schooling, and act as a liaison with the school community. Throughout my career, I have been supporting the basic needs of people of all ages and at all stages of life. My work experience includes residential services for the elderly, school attendance, and child protection, both in institutional care and in family and person support  activities. As an employee, I am approachable, cheerful but firm at the same time.

Graduated in 2011, Tourism Service Producer 2018, Nurse training 

"Life is the most beautiful fairy tale."

I work as Kotatuli's animal keeper and enjoy being out in nature with the dogs and horses. With me clients get to walk in the woods, sit by the campfire and and have genuine experiences and encounters with the animals of Kotatuli. I have experience of working in residential care for the elderly, people with mental health and substance abuse problems and people with disabilities. However, I have the most experience in the field of child protection, working in institutions and with support families and support persons. In my work, I approach clients in a sensitive and calm manner and strive for a genuine and safe interaction where everyone is free to be themselves.

Graduated in 2014 , Tourism services provider 2018, Trained as a local nurse

"The fox does not run out of ways."

You're most likely to find me at Kotatuli working with horses or taking photos. Together with my first own horse Vuokko, we have joined the Kotatuli herd in March 2023.

I am easily inspired by new things and my interests are definitely among my strengths. I've been able to use my skills at Kotatuli in the form of marketing and advertising.

I have been a horse enthusiast since my childhood and I want to learn more and more, especially about horse welfare and behaviour. Kotatuli is the perfect environment for this. I think the best thing in the world is a peaceful walk in the woods on horseback.

Graduate, Merconomist 2013, Bachelor of Business Administration 2016, Equestrian services provider in training, Photography and image processing (part degree) in training

Gandalf is surely the best Shetland pony in the world. And even though he's a little older, he's still a young boy at heart. You can do almost anything with Gandalf, from cart rides to small jumps and from school rides to forest adventures. However, he is not quite a child's horse without adult guidance. I mean, he can be a bit of a prankster sometimes, as any good pony should be.
Kotatuli eläinavusteisuus hevosavusteisuus Perheterapia Kotatuli Terapia Terapeutti Lyhytterapia Psykoterapia Perheterapia Etäterapia Lappi Rovaniemi Marrasjärvi Sodankylä Inari Kittilä Pello Tornio Ylitornio Kolari Simo Kemi Kemijärvi Salla Pelkosenniemi Savukoski Ranua

Radda is a calm and usually quite easy-going Irish lady. She likes to eat and be scratched and to go for long, quiet walks in the woods. Radda's best friend is Gandalf the pony, and they're like two peas in a pod. With Radda, it is fun and safe to practice caring for and being around horses. Because of her calm but strong character, Radda is also a great training partner when you are practising persuasion and expressing your own wishes.

Wenla is a calm and very sociable Finnhorse who loves to be in the forest and socialize with people. Wenla has a good work ethic and a great sense of humour. Because of her large stature and friendly nature, Venla and I have often practised our own and others' boundaries, and overcoming fear. She is safe to play with and learn everyday horse skills or just being with.
Green Care hevostoiminta Lappi Rovaniemi Kotatuli hevosavusteisuus maastoratsastus

Vanikka is a sensitive and emotional Finnish boy who loves his herd, and being able to spend time with his favourite people. Vanikka likes to go a bit faster and is fun to play with, ride and walk in the countryside. Sometimes Vanikka gets a little wild to show her own mind and then all you can do is take it easy and wait for her to remember what you were doing. She is very good-natured and quick to learn new things. With Vanika it is easy to practise especially sensitive and subtle communication and the recognition and regulation of emotions.

Vuokko is the youngest member of the Kotatuli herd. This affectionate Finnhorse foal is a curious and friendly fellow, always ready to work together. Vuokko likes to play and go crazy, as a foal should. Her favourite pastime is lying in the sun and chatting with people and horses. Vuokko is a bold communicator and is always excited to meet new acquaintances. As she grows up, she will certainly be a great work partner because of her calm and open nature.


I'm the newest member of the pack, a beautiful young Finnhorse. I'm interested in doing all kind of things together and making new friends. I'm still learning the ways and patterns of my new home, but I'm generally very sensible about new situations. My big personality and inquisitive mind can sometimes be exciting for strangers. I hope to be told fairly what is an appropriate way to get to know each other. I especially like going on forest walks together, eating good food and running wild with friends.

Ringo is probably the most easy-going and friendly fellow in the family. He loves to run wild and free in the forest and curl up on the sofa at home to be scratched. Ringo also enjoys long walks with the herd. Deer and reindeer in particular get him excited, and when he encounters them in the woods, he can't help but bark and jump. Then you have to be careful not to get out, or you might stay on your own excursion until the small hours.

I'm the joy pill of the family, always ready to play or even football with the kids. I follow my mistress everywhere, and I never turn down a good walk in the woods. You can also find me in the stables, mucking out, or racing with younger horses. My sense of humour and energy make me a good friend, especially for livelier children. Despite my large size and fast movements, I am good-natured, kind and quite obedient.